Monday, December 19, 2005

I want my mommy.

My cousin's daughter is getting her degree in computer programming and apparently she's a real bad ass at what she does. My parents are trying to get her to come get a job in America but she won't leave India, because "In America there are no emotions." Woman is you MAD? They've got sit-down toilets over here!

Now that I'm sitting here in Iowa, I can kind of see what she means. I almost cried when I had to drive here by myself from Chicago yesterday. There's 3 feet of snow on the ground and it's -5 degrees outside. But more than that I was a little sad that I was going from being surrounded by all these warm and caring people who were so easily accessible to living on my own again. (Of course, if I actually lived in India with all these people they probably wouldn't be all that excited to have me around all the time.) But I am so sad!

But I get to go home on Saturday, after a pitstop in Chicago on Friday night!

Speaking of the famn damily though, my uncle and aunt along with their son and his wife went on a little vacation in India to a resort town nearby. At their hotel there happened to be a film shooting, and my aunt ran into the director one morning when she was walking through the garden. They ended up chatting for a while and she said, "Let us know if we can help out!"

As it turned out, one of the actresses in the movie was supposed to come in for a day of shooting, but her train was delayed, so they asked my aunt if she wouldn't mind filling in, the actress was playing the part of someone's mother, they could finish all her scenes in one day. My aunt was so excited! She was like, of course! So one day when the rest of the family went sightseeing she stayed behind at the hotel to shoot the scenes.

Anyway, 3 months later my aunt and uncle saw in the paper that my aunt's movie had come out and found a theater where it was playing. It was a smaller theater in some weird part of town but they went to go see it anyway. When they got there, the lobby was filled entirely with guys. My aunt was the only woman there, and she and my uncle were taken to some office inside the theater. Turns out that the movie my aunt was in was a PORN! They were shooed back to the office because the theater-owner thought they were protestors from the religious society!

My aunt explained that they just came to see the movie because she was in it, and the guy was like, "Um...auntie, I don't think this is a movie you want to see."

HILARIOUS. Anyway, I just wanted to see the scenes my aunt were in so my cousin went and got the movie....from...somewhere, and we all sat down to watch it together. We fastforwarded through most of it but those 2 scenes with my aunt asking her daughter to please not be a stripper and just get married like a respectable girl were Oscar-worthy.

My aunt was in a porn! I can't stop laughing.


oodles said...

A porn? That is too funny! I must stop laughing, I must...

Suhail said...

That was downright howlarious, I can't stop laffing!!
and you write like fast fast..and reader hardly has time to catch his breath. Like it.
(came here frm SM)