Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Poopety Poop Poop

I was at Yoli's last night and we decided to have a little potluck on Friday night. I speculated bringing over an Indian dish and Jesus was all, "I love samosas!" I got really excited OKAY!! and later that night I was tooling around in my kitchen trying to figure out exactly how one goes about making samosa when I realized, fuck, I can't cook! I've never made samosas before in my life. I thought making a cake from scratch meant making it out of a box mix until about 2 years ago. I know my way around some Bisquick and a spatula but that's pretty much it.

I wonder if I could just buy samosas from Masala and pass them off as homemade. (I'm just kidding! They're gonna eat what I make and they're gonna love it. Even if it tastes like dirt.)

On another note I just did SEVEN loads of laundry today. SEVEN. And I discovered a fun little surprise on my last load. I keep plastic baggies to pick up Reflux's poop when I walk him, and sometimes I'll stop by my friend's apartment on the way back to my apartment. When I do that, I'll put the poop baggy in my sweatshirt pocket. (Because I can't just walk in holding it. That'd be gross! And we're not allowed to have dogs in the apartment building, so I can't just walk to the dumpster and throw it away like you're supposed to because someone might see him then I'd get evicted blah blah blah such adversity in my life.)

So then I washed my sweatshirt today without checking for poopy pockets and...yeah, you guessed it. Dog poop everywhere. GOOD TIMES. (I don't get it. He weighs 8.2 pounds. It's like he poops out half his body weight everyday.)


Khakra said...

put the poop through a dryer load so it disintegrates, leaving no track behind

Serena said...

Awww... man thats something I would do. Haha! Hope it all washed out. =)

g said...

i would throw a shit fit.
no pun intended.

blueprairie said...

if somebody out there figures out a way to make *good* samosas using Bisquick I would be a very happy gaijin.