Tuesday, November 08, 2005

my head hurts

Ugh. I'm too tired and nauseated to get angry about anything today. I hate these motherfucking delayed hangovers. And I can't take any Motrin. Because of the heartburn, you see? Because I'm really an 80 year old woman. Will you help me find my glasses?


Everyone uses my office to pump. Milk. Out of themselves, that is. Call me Central Pump. At first I sort of planned my lunch/coffee breaks around pump time just out of politeness but then I realized that no one really cared if I was in there or not. The pumps have a nice rhythmic tone to it, like a washing machine. Or a car engine. Makes me want to take a nap.


Penispumper said...

wow why do they do that at your office?
and how come your job is full of lactating women.

square peg said...

Privacy and space are pretty limited in our department, and someone noticed that I wasn't in my office alot. One of the ob residents asked if she could pump in there (instead of pumping in bathroom/lockerroom/stairwell) and that was ok with me. Then word got around that my office was leche-friendly, and others asked too.

a N N A said...

bravo. all those babies who are smarter, healthier and pudgier (w00t chubby cheeks to kish!) owe you a thank you hug. :)