Monday, November 21, 2005

Just for shock value.

A phone conversation with a friend who was on the el today reminded me of something I read in cunt. My friend got a little freaked out because some scary lookin' dude got on her train and proceeded to stare directly at her unabashedly through like 8 consecutive stops. We've all been there.

I was telling my other friend (male) about this later, and he was all, "She should have stared back at him." Are you kidding? Creepy dude would get all Oh she wants me and smarm her to death. Make enough eye contact to show them you can make an accurate description to a sketch artist later if necessary at the po-po station, but no more!

In cunt, Inga Muscio talks about how she "seldom consciously thinks, I am a woman." But then she goes on to say:
I am most often aware that I'm a woman when I feel threatened, or when someone--through actions, body language, or words--points out that I am a woman. The rest of the time, I'm just me.

Dude, I'm aware that I'm a woman EVERY DAY OF MY LIFE, for better or for worse. Some days, I'm just more acutely aware of it. It'd be nice to say that I feel as secure as a man walking down the street at 2 AM but that's just not the truth. Being a woman is such a large part of my identity, and absolutely shapes how I view the world. It's influenced all my extra-curricular activities since I was 6 years old, my career-choice, and my relationships with everyone around me.

Anyway, I used to swear by cunt but I reread it again last year, and there be's a whole lot of crap. The biggest problem I have with it right now is how she talks about reproductive health care, especially about periods. Muscio says that the entire painkiller industry is a sham generated to pickpocket women's earnings by compelling them to spend money during their periods. She argues that analgesics are tolerance-building and addictive. (For example, if this month you have to take 1 a day during your period, next month you'll have to take 2 a day, and so on.)

I never really thought of NSAIDs as part of the patriarchal machine of domination. In fact, if anyone tried to take my Motrin away from me when my uterus was cramping I would have to beat them.

I actually humored this idea (Maybe Muscio was a secret med student!) and did a PubMed search for "NSAIDs" AND addictive and this was all I found:

1: Merskey H. Related Articles, Links
Abstract Pharmacological approaches other than opioids in chronic non-cancer pain management.
Acta Anaesthesiol Scand. 1997 Jan;41(1 Pt 2):187-90.
PMID: 9061105 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
2: Herrmann WM, Hiersemenzel R, Aigner M, Lobisch M, Riethmuller-Winzen H, Michel I. Related Articles, Links
Abstract [Long-term tolerance of flupirtine. Open multicenter study over one year]
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PMID: 8330823 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

2 journals I'd never heard of. Neither is in English, or are even about NSAIDs.

My conclusion: The only risk involved with taking NSAIDs during your menses is the risk of heartburn.

(Muscio also says that women are being hustled by the tampon industry. Instead of tampons, she says, use SEA SPONGES. I'll let you make that call yourself.)

Currently filling out: My RVSP to P's wedding. I'm having problems deciding if I'm +1 or +0. I'm not seeing anyone, and my Default Date (DD) has a serious girlfriend now so I feel weird asking him to go. One of my girlfriends wanted to go but the wedding is literally the day after Christmas, and it's in St. Louis, and she'll be in California.

Would it be OK if I came rolling up by myself? It might be awkward having to babysit some dude that I barely know around a bunch of friends from college. (And then you're commited to TALK to him, and DANCE with him, and basically ruin your whole game, because now everyone thinks you're his GIRLFRIEND, even though he was just the guy that was free and owns a suit.)


Anonymous said...

i'm really enjoying your blog. i found it through a comment you made at the underweardrawer. Ew to sea sponge instead of tampons. that's just wrong.

David G said...

I do weddings and bar mitzvahs.

square peg said...

Not very well apparently. Has your mom forgiven you yet for ditching your sister's bat mitzvah for off-track betting?

(I'm sorry. I had to go there. It was too tempting. And do you own a suit?)