Wednesday, November 16, 2005

I'm an irresponsible piece of crap.

I had to go to the ATM today so I could go buy my peanut M&Ms from the book store, and I was totally shocked to see that my balance was $136.58. Oh DAMN. I totally forgot I wrote a check to my mom for $900 AS A JOKE (for her time and energy helping me move to Iowa), I didn't think she was actually going to deposit it. (Hey mom? The next time you plan to deposit a check I wrote to you 4 months ago, a little advance warning would be nice.)

I'm going home next Wednesday for Thanksgiving, and I think I can steal enough stuff from my parents house to make it after that til my next paycheck.

Until then, though, I've made a list of things that I will be sacrificing, or at least postponing til the 1st:

1. Fancy dog treats for Reflux.

2. No groceries: I'll have to buckle down and eat my Niblets and Val-U-Pack of frozen broccoli.

3. Dog food for Reflux: If corn and broccoli's good enough for the human it's good enough for the dog too, right?

4. No more peanut M&Ms (This will be the toughest one to let go, for sure.)

5. No more cigarettes (This one's not so bad, I'm supposed to be trying to quit smoking anyway)

6. No more fancy Propel sports drink at the gym. Guess I have to use the water fountains and risk getting Staph just like everyone else.

7. Pack Tupperware lunches of broccoli and niblets. Can't afford hospital cafeteria food! Oh...don't know if I own any Tupperware. Think I might have a moldy old tub of Cool Whip in the fridge I can wash out and use.

8. Seek out as many drug dinners/lunches as possible to go to.

9. Call my guitar teacher and ask him not to deposit that last check til after the 1st.

10. Put off paying my credit cards til next month.

Wow. It's a good thing I spent $25 on The Money Book for the Young, Fabulous, and Broke. That book's going to be really handy to beat myself over the head with when I come down with Kwashiorkor and am going into nicotine withdrawal.

And not to detract from my own irresponsible crappiness, but I blame LGOP for part of this. I figured we'd be going dutch but I didn't expect the night to be so damn expensive for how craptastic it was. $85 in cab fares! EIGHTY FUCKING FIVE. Besides that I was falling all over myself trying to pay for everything because I didn't want to feel obligated to have to be nice to him if god forbid I ever run into him again. *Shudder*


Maria said...

#11 Travel economy class to India and maybe you won't have to do the other 10 (poor Reflux!)....says A.

square peg said...

Hardy har har, A.