Wednesday, November 09, 2005

i be twisted

I love the holidays, I really do! Even Christmas, with Jesus and whatnot. I love this weather, people get nicer, homes get warmer, and of course there's tons o' shopping to be done.

The whole winter season is full of holidays, all Happy Diwahanukwanzidmas to fill up your time and give you reason to see your family again. (It's that TUNNEL OF DARKNESS from February to April that kind of gets me in the dumper.)

One of the secretaries was in here pumping yesterday and discussing the drama in her family about who was going to host Thanksgiving, and who would boycott it if they hosted it, and who didn't have money to spend on the holidays and would leech it out of everyone else, blah blah blah dysfunctioncakes. I was thinking that I couldn't even imagine all this stupid bullshit in my own immediate family, like, how retarded, it's your fam damily so just suck it up. Anyway, she told me that I was lucky that I was the only girl, because it's when you have too many girls that the drama starts, because they just can't seem to get along with each other!

I know, everyone is like, Well motherfucking DUH. But I HATE that women have a "reputation" for not being able to get along with each other like that. I refuse to believe that women are inherently petty, jealous people who can't compromise. (I blame men.) We've all come across it sometimes, but I know plenty of men who are assholes too. Yet for some reason when it comes to women this behavior is generalized and stereotyped, whereas with men we're willing to take it on a case-by-case basis.

Unfortunately, the media bombards us with these same ideas. (ok, if you don't watch The Apprentice none of the rest of this will make sense.) I've been watching this season's The Apprentice, and as usual the teams were split up by gender. The men's team had some big jerks on it but they won most of the challenges. The women's team was doing okay at first but then sort of devolved into caricatures of each woman's ego. (Except for Marshawn. Marshawn! Sweet flower. Hope you win.) And then the women's team divided up into factions and just couldn't get along with each other, or so the editing portrayed. Well there was really only one bad seed and her name was Toral. Some of the other women were kind of caustic and some were incompetent but there was no hairpulling catfight sort of thing.

The men's team had just as much "divisiveness" and incompetence too! (Clay? Motherfucking MARCUS!? Markus is half retarded!) But the editing shows us their team as a bunch of decent guys working together with a couple of morons who can't really get along with the "team", showing them as being outside of the team. On the women's team, it looks like the team is ONLY composed of dramatic females.

I took Intro to Sociology in college with Charles Moskos ("Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy for the military was HIS idea) which was probably one of the best classes I've ever taken. On the day he lectured about gender, he said that sociologists who study conversation concluded that women tend to be inclusive in their conversations, trying to draw everyone in and helping everyone participate, in comparison to men. And that's one stereotype I'm ok with: females as being kind and inclusive. Not that I want the media to start portraying us all as Aunt Jemima or whatever but it wouldn't hurt if we could let go of some of the catty stereotypes.

Currently Reading: The Devil in the White City. Everyone says this book is AWESOME but I have yet to experience the AWESOMENESS. I would describe it as BORING and kind of SLOW. Maybe it's because I've only attempted to read the book while on the bus squished next to the drunk homeless guy. It's kind of cool to read about all these downtown locales in Chicago and what they were like at the turn of the century, though.

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Serena said...

Hey there,
Yes the holidays are coming, it does seem like a warmer cozier time. I agree with the catty women ordeal, hopefully we people can let go of that crazy stereotype. Although I am guilty of it myself. I'm going through a confrontation myself, bleh!