Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Express This

My mom took it upon herself to schedule a grooming appointment for Reflux this weekend when we go to Centralia. (Fully expecting my failure to have groomed Reflux at all in the last 4 months.) She called to tell me that I had to fax a copy of all his vaccinations to the groomer's in advance.

R: Can't I just take him to Rhonda's again? Rhonda runs a grooming service out of her laundry room. She didn't care about any of that shit. And we're all healthier for it -- exposure leads to immunity!

M: This place is so much better! They will clean out his ears, clip his toenails, and EXPRESS HIS ADRENAL GLANDS.

R: The ones on his KIDNEYS? They can do that? But why would they need to? Oh wait...do you mean his ANAL glands?

M: Oh...yeah.

Reflux looking psyched about the impending activity in and around his ass.


Sakshi said...

hope...Reflux is able to forgive you after the anal clean-up...hahaha.

punchberry said...

Ah... this just makes me appreciate the freedom of choosing my own hairdresser, i.e. one that does not do THAT!

I really enjoyed looking through your blog.

Khakra said...

that's reflux perhaps looking for animal shelter in the yellow book so he can scoop out of the house before the ass job?

David G said...

I'll be honest. Even though you cleared things up with your mom, I still don't get what expressing one's anal glands is.

Erik said...

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