Friday, October 14, 2005

A Tragedy in 55 words.

Turn the key in the ignition. I failed drivers’ ed. but who cares? I’m failing everything. I failed my family long ago. I’m not worth the energy. No one notices Trojans and roaches spilling from my bookbag, bloodstained sleeves, my stench of decay.

Open the windows and suck it down. I won’t fail anyone again.

(Why is it so much easier to write a tragedy in 55 words than it is to write a happy or funny story? Like Hemingway's

For sale. Baby shoes. Never worn.
which inspired all the nanofiction today.)

I couldn't post that one on SM, it was too damn depressing, so I wrote another one:

The intern relaxed and smiled under her facemask – she’d just survived her first Whipple. “You guys finish up,” said the attending, discarding his gown and sauntering out of the OR. “Great job,” whispered the resident, watching her carefully suture.

At the code, she wondered if post-op sepsis could be traced back to a punctured glove.
Ok, I guess that one's not very happy or funny either, but it really fits my "nerd" persona. As opposed to fitting my deranged Vicodin-popping alcoholic untalented writer persona.


ME said...

Cheer up! life isn't all that bad

square peg said...

Thanks, me :)

A N N A said...

oh, i don't know. some mutineers appreciate the darker side of fiction.
while i knew how it would end, that doesn't mean that i didn't enjoy it.

besides, i didn't understand all the medical stuff in the one you did submit. ;)