Tuesday, October 04, 2005

It begins!!!

This is my very first blog entry!!!

I am computer-tarded in general, but out of boredom and a desire to emulate the cool people on the Internet I started a blog!

I am doing research this year. This means lots of surfing/word racer coupled with intense moments of frenzied keyboard activity whenever anyone walks by the door. (Word Racer is particularly good at giving the appearance of being completely engrossed in a document -- I recommend it.)

This morning I decided to stay home to "catch up on journal articles" and "work on a presentation." I woke up around 10 and decided to fasten a diaper to the dog instead of taking him outside for a walk. (I am that lazy. It's also highly amusing. I bought the ValuPack of Cub Foods brand diapers for that reason only.) Then I flopped onto the couch and watched 2 back to back episodes of the Tyra Banks show. Girlfriend is one of the girls, ya'll.

I had to take the dog out eventually, though. He was making odd wounded-moose-type noises which made me feel like he needed to go outside, but then he didn't do anything outside. Strange.

My dog is a 14yo LhasaPoo. He is blind and deaf. I picked him out as soon as I got here. One might think I am a big-hearted animal lover for adopting such a disabled little guy but the truth is, I like watching him run into stuff and fall off things. (I kid, I kid. Don't tell the Dog Rescue people.) Actually, though, yesterday we had this huge Banana Republic shopping bag and my brother had the bright idea of putting it over the dog to see if he could get out. (Like, He couldn't even find his way out of a paper bag, HA HA.) This might sound stupid but I tells you, I was proud when he figured out how to sit on the back end of the bag to make the front end tilt upward, then shimmy out. And seeing that paper bag walking around confusedly was pretty damn hilarious. (Just to defend myself against the you-are-a-dog-abuser-how-dare-you-put-a-paper-bag-on-his-head-you's-going-straight-to-hell comments, remember that problem-solving helps keep the Alzheimer's away. We'll try crossword puzzles next.)

Well, back to work. Err..I mean, time to get started.

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