Tuesday, October 11, 2005

"I'm Comin' Out..."

Happy National Coming Out Day!!

I almost choked on my yogurt reading this on the bus this morning:

Chain Gang
So I see the anti-choice folks have graced us with their presence again. You know, the sign-waving, slogan-chanting anti-abortion folks who congregate every now and then in the vicinity of Emma Goldman in order to raise money for the clinic.

Well, OK, perhaps that's not their stated purpose, but that's the practical effect of their rallying or protesting or picketing or whatever you wish to call it. (Delusions of damnation, I think I'd call it...)
(And can you believe this was written by this guy?) He goes on to say...
One of the anti-choice folks did give me a bit of a pause, I'll admit. Alice Hale, speaking about the "support" the group received from some of the locals (apparently some motorists honked their horns, and the "Life Chain" [no, really; that's what they call themselves, as if life didn't already have enough chains] group members took that as a signal of support rather than a signal of "Hey, you bloody idiots, NFL games are on TV right now"), told a DI reporter, "It's pretty surprising. Maybe all the radicals are still sleeping off their hangovers - it's only 3 p.m."
Ha! I knew I wasn't the only one that caught that!
And it also seems quite strange for an anti-choice person to label pro-choice people "radical."

That's so wrong it's delusional. According to a Gallup poll taken Aug. 28-30, 54 percent of the respondents identified themselves as being "pro-choice"; only 38 percent identified themselves as "pro-life."

Which is consistent with all the polling taken in the 30-plus years since Roe v. Wade. In another Gallup poll, taken July 7-10, people were asked if they wanted to see Roe overturned; 68 percent said, "No," and only 29 percent said, "Yes."

These numbers are also consistent with other polls. A CBS News poll on July 13-14 demonstrated that 60 percent agree with the Roe decision; only 32 percent felt it was a "bad thing." And a Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life (July 13-17) found that 65 percent of the respondents did not want to overturn Roe; only 29 percent said "Yes."

The evidence demonstrates that mainstream America strongly supports a woman's right to choose when it comes to abortion.

So who are the radicals?

I guess the radicals, in this case, would be those who are out of step with the mainstream.

Which would be the anti-choice folks - those who wish to take control of a woman's body away from her and give it to the Christian mullahs. Talk about radical.
Booyakasha, Alice Hale! The entire editorial can be found here.

In other news, on the Hindu calendar we are in the midst of Navratri, Festival of 9 Nights, wherein we celebrate Shakti, the divine female power! As part of this celebration, we recognize the maternal aspect of God in three ways: Kali, the destroyer of vice and impurity, Laxmi, giver of wealth, and Saraswati, goddess of knowledge. (Ideally there should be a balance of all 3 aspects in worship, but I could use a little more Laxmi in my life, know what I'm sayin'?)

So for Navratri I have given up meat. (Like a mini-Lent.) I don't eat that much meat anymore anyway, but I have a weakness for General Tso's chicken. Mmmm..I love me some good chicken. Speaking of the General, (before I, um, actually knew Navratri had started), I had some of his most excellent chicken lying around my fridge, after our Friday night excursion to Sushi Popo. I could not let such a delicacy go to waste so I chopped it up for Reflux.

I just gave him a taste at first to see if he could handle the rooster sauce I had dumped all over it and he gobbled it right up. I waited 5 minutes for any vomitous activity, then gave him the rest of it. I've never seen him eat so fast. He digs the General as much as I do. But oh boy were we both going to pay later that night.

He woke me up about 8 times in the middle of the night panting really loudly. And when you can hear the bowel sounds of an 8lb dog sitting clear across the room you know you gots some GI upset. I ended up taking him out twice in the morning but he couldn't go at all.

Anyway, I stuck a diaper on him before I went to work, lest we had a repeat of the cursed bloody diarrhea episode on our hands. Hopefully he'll still be in one piece when I get home.

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