Friday, October 28, 2005


Today's 55-word opus is entitled, A Tribute to Reflux (my dog):
He paced the empty apartment, lonely and dark. Why did she keep leaving him? Hopefully she’d return. He almost howled with despair, moving from room to room. Her scent lingered in the bedsheets; her presence lingered in the air.

He heard a door slam. “Sweetie? I’m home!” Tail wagging, he ran yipping to greet her.
I loves my doggy, smelly, blind and mentally challenged as he may be. He's also deaf, so he actually doesn't usually hear the door slam. I love scaring the crap out of him when I get home, he literally goes running into a wall. But then he's all waggly tail and trying to scale my knees and running-into-walls frenzy.

This picture is from the last time I took him to my parents house. My dad is scared of dogs so Reflux is imprisoned in the laundry basket anytime my dad is in the room. In case Reflux were to suddenly grow a brain and attack him with ALL THE WRATH of 8.2 pounds and no teeth. (And yes. Them be pink ribbons with smiley faces, spank you very much.)


Serena said...

haha, answering your question. Yeah... I think maybe its Lifestyle condoms, maybe its not snug enough. Trojans work well though

Serena said...

You're doggy is so adorable!

Serena said...

I mean your* doggy is so adorable... Sorry about all the comments... how annoying :-P

David G said...

it seems your dog could use a bath.

David G said...

how do you put the "word verification" on your comments section? i can't stop getting spam

Eugene said...

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